My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏

  • Thartea Lalropuia
    Thartea Lalropuia

    I didn't watch the video because ads insisted to take part at the beginning

  • k4sp4l3

    nice how your conclusion about these products include also an explaination about how the plandamic went out XD

  • John Lorence Cuya
    John Lorence Cuya

    Theres an easter egg in 10:58 at the background music

  • Life is a meme 9
    Life is a meme 9

    Alpha in Greek is a

  • Xtre4mKiLLer

    1.1k placebo people screeching at your video, while munching lavender and licking soap... what a world

  • Karan Gambhir
    Karan Gambhir

    Years from now ! Most pseudo science myths will also be busted. Then SVsoft will recommend this to us.

  • Clouds of Nexus
    Clouds of Nexus

    Arun. I Found That Some People Get Paid to leave A 5Stat Review on Amazon!

  • Cereinel Gauss
    Cereinel Gauss

    Actually there's a plain and simple alternative to this phone that's the same brand & with a similar monstrous spec sheet as rog phone 3 although I forgot what model is it Edit: I searched this up and it's name is zenfone 8 btw

  • Y2Kvids

    Mr WHosetheBoss vs John Oliver

  • Jenevive Frey
    Jenevive Frey

    The people will become the antena at the end....the mark of the beast will be revealed when the world has 8g...JESUS IS LORD...

  • Yan

    Good afternoon! Huge greetings from Russia! I recently bought myself an iPhone 12 with 21 ultras. I can say that both phones are great, but from the photo part Samsung made a huge breakthrough absolutely agree with you! Very beautiful places, I love England. You have a very good informative vlog. Thank you very much.

  • Dbbdhdhdhd Hdhdyduduud
    Dbbdhdhdhd Hdhdyduduud

    I am going to harmonize you but without the onize

  • RazelPerrY

    his cat is sooooooo cute


    The f1 thing is actually happened with Mercedes they turbocharged the f1 cars and put batteries in them Before the had none of these turbochargers before they were naturally aspirated and sound awsome. But now they sound meh just because they needed more power before every f1 car was equal and it was down to the drivers. Now Mercedes is killing the competition. Ferrari is loosing. On road cars we can also see this the porcshe 911 before sounded awsome but now it sounds like a dyson vaccume cleaner just because it needed more power and now there is the rimac nevera electric hypercar. The buggati chiron 300+ wich is the fastest car in the world has an engine it does 0-60 mph in 2.4 sec and the rimac does it in just 1.9 sec. And also Lamborghini has to electrify thier cars so now we won't be able to hear the glorious na v12 engine. So sad that

  • Hamdi Naham
    Hamdi Naham

    am thinking about what the world will give us in the next 5 years this is the best cameras

  • Biondi Subbaiah
    Biondi Subbaiah

    These r the very people who bought into the blue whale game 🙄

  • WinterCraft

    I think the device is sucking the IQ out of those people who bought such as funny scam.

  • deepthi prashanth
    deepthi prashanth

    Poco X3 Pro. It has a snapdragon 865.

  • Cookie

    I didn’t even know they existed

  • SketchMan

    Iphone noob

  • Hoara VLAD
    Hoara VLAD

    these products ar for realy stupid people, the ones that think the earth is flat and that we are alone in the universe.

  • Jorge Veguilla
    Jorge Veguilla

    Thank you for using the Coconut Mall theme when you’re listing the products hahahaha…

  • Christoffer Sonne
    Christoffer Sonne

    be careful they are bs and could be radiactive.

  • Savar

    I would play a game on every phone lol

  • Robyn Walker-Allen
    Robyn Walker-Allen

    The plant whistle anteriorly guarantee because blood advisably knock pace a amazing pasta. fanatical, nine australia

  • Michał Dybczak
    Michał Dybczak

    Yeap, that sounds like a religion all right: 1. Convince there is a problem 2. Establish themselves as an authority 3. Sell the "solution"

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos

    does it work in lamb of god concert?

  • WickedWood04

    Amazon should be held accountable and sued for allowing these products to be sold on their website.

  • Mr Brawler
    Mr Brawler

    Thanks to Mr. Rachid Elyazami .. the inventor of lithium batteries...

  • Kourosh Tavangar
    Kourosh Tavangar

    Thank you for these great videos

  • Reema Demashki
    Reema Demashki

    Coconut mall from Mario kart.

  • deb patterson
    deb patterson

    I can't find anything about a SXYRN X50? AMAZON just started caring ít and ebay has different kinds but I thought for sure Íd find it here? I just need a larger screen and it needs to connect to 5.0 WiFi and not the 2.4 which must be cheaper to use? Plus I'm in an apartment and 2.4mhz is slow and congested it needs 802.11(a)(b) and/e otherwise I my as keep this cheap simple cellular on

  • H4Community

    The little details on your videos are top class 👏

  • Thunderstormworld

    These cell phone stickers that supposed to boost signal is too a scam as some other plug in devices that plug into your cell phone .

  • Back to the back
    Back to the back

    2:27 Him: the go cube. Every cuber havent i heard abaut that. Him:it also has am app and mini games. Cubers: for real i dint know that.

  • Brandon Delly
    Brandon Delly

    I trust WAPTECS he helped me duplicate my husband's WhatsApp ön my phone, now I can see every text he sends or receives

  • lesly v
    lesly v

    My age isnt even right.. They say 23😂

  • Ben Law
    Ben Law

    i run pop os on my laptop and moving from windows was the best thing i ever did for this laptop.

  • CyberDash

    Anyone remember the 5G protecting force field thingy?

  • XaV Xander
    XaV Xander

    Hey arun. Since xaomi released poco x3 pro, could you review that? Its a massive upgrade to poco x3 nfc and the price is fair too

  • Mai Sakurajima
    Mai Sakurajima

    At a Price of $360 You can have a 48mp tri cam SnapDragon 870 Dolby atlas 33w Charging 120hz amoled That product is........ XIAOMI POCO F3

  • Easy Way to the Top
    Easy Way to the Top

    Anyone want to talk about how this review bullsh*t is also going on in the playstore.

  • Jaisal Lakum
    Jaisal Lakum

    I have iphone 3gs white 32 GB

  • Techy Shadow
    Techy Shadow

    Idk why people don't believe in those "totally" real gadgets that could change reality

  • Andrew Maddux
    Andrew Maddux

    Better Call Saul used this idea to create some unique space for their phenomenal writers.

  • Kim

    "Don't even THINK about throwing that." Ummm... Arun... Is ur camera-person... you know... sane?

  • Daniel Miles
    Daniel Miles

    Great video, i love the way you actually test the things before making your mind up.. I have been studying Orgone Energy for about 20 years and it is 100% real.. these devices however are not! The Orgonite Pyramids one can find all over the net do work but not in the way we think! The combination of biological matter (fibreglass resin) and metal fragments have been proven to act as an antenna for Orgone Energy in multiple studies and that is the basis for the Orgonite. Wilhelm Riche used to use Wool and metal panels in a homemade construction.. Thank you for taking the time to explore these things!

  • Prabir arya
    Prabir arya

  • Dєíftwᴀsєr

    98% of the people who bought it are probably Facebook moms who think 5G is bad

  • Abuzar Ali
    Abuzar Ali

    A sub to the channel would be...... Energizer⚡

  • Aitchsh

    I sleep with my phone next to my pillow; I can confirm I'm smarter the next day. My IQ is likely through the roof, by now.

  • Yankis

    I remember when I bought my first Beats and was so disappointed with the sound quality. One of the worst purchases ever.

  • The Skull Inside
    The Skull Inside

    Someone please sponsor me to destroy phones all day as well? I swear I won't disappoint you 🤣

  • The Red Gamer
    The Red Gamer


  • Arvin Raj Mathur
    Arvin Raj Mathur

    By the way, I love your channel!

  • Arvin Raj Mathur
    Arvin Raj Mathur

    I'm not gonna lie, using North Sentinel Island as your location was pretty clever! However, the image of people in the forest at 7:19 is not from the Andaman Islands, but from the Amazon rainforest:

  • Ever last
    Ever last

    Most of the reviews are probably fake. Tts the same thing with a lot of amazon/ebay etc is a skumbag tactic and all about tricking people to make money.

  • Mike Risner
    Mike Risner

    Some people want the world to be against them. So they buy amulets to protect them from radiation and lizard people. The fact that these amulets exist convinces those customers that the world is, indeed, against them and satisfies them.

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson

    My friend bought the S21 Ultra. He absolutely loves the camera on it.

  • Ruben Stokbroekx
    Ruben Stokbroekx

    Cool Vid

  • SELVARADJOU Visubaala
    SELVARADJOU Visubaala

    Are u from Chennai ?

  • Cheese Coyote
    Cheese Coyote



    Put a thousand technical words in the description and BOOM! Money!!

  • Erwin Simpauco
    Erwin Simpauco

    There must be a special place in hell for people who produce these scam products. It's literally eco waste. Edit: Also a place for the people who fall for this.

  • Jay patel
    Jay patel

    Imagine what would it look like if Shaquille O'Neal does this review.

  • Salo Soja Edwin
    Salo Soja Edwin

    Random guy:Oh my, My phone is permanently cold Me: It's dead 🤣

  • Yaseen Nabeel
    Yaseen Nabeel

    Waiting for your review on the Lecia phone.

  • aotero u
    aotero u

    Another fun fact, their logo is a rip off of the subway of Mexico City, there’s a long tradition of Chinese companies plagiarizing logos from Mexican government institutions, there’s even a book about it,

  • Mark P. Smith
    Mark P. Smith

    The grateful gratis feeling internally carry because beech paradoxically practise modulo a spicy north korea. tidy, irritating ketchup

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar


  • BigAnimeGangsta

    I bet all the karens disliked this video

  • Michelle .Eilertsen
    Michelle .Eilertsen

    I think it’s amazing that you as a tech guy have a take on this. I don’t think it is a doomsday as a lot of people think. But I do agree we have to be careful. But let’s not be anti technology. I love technology we just have to be careful. But technology can be amazing in a our life’s

  • Pruthvuraj Gowda Sundar
    Pruthvuraj Gowda Sundar

    You make the best videosss dudeee

  • shuvam singh
    shuvam singh

    down with the sickness kept me here

  • james mlelwa
    james mlelwa

    5 years ago you weren't so confident in talking compered to know🔥😝

  • Yankis

    You might as well sell pills named "Placebo" these days and idiots will still buy them.

  • Dale Gabriel Tan
    Dale Gabriel Tan

    This whole “5g protection” shtick is literally the main reason why I’m losing my faith in humanity

  • ©ZEUS®™

    This is basically a “introduction to logical fallacies” video, and a funny one. Thank you Aaron, you’re one of the good guys.