Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
Why does Nobody buy LG Smartphones?
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Really trying to pay attention to camerawork (and the music choice!) in my more recent videos - what do you think? 🤔 To see my top Tech Fails of the decade: svsoft.info/award/g4O8oISK06W8qWg/video.html

    • Vuk Đorđević
      Vuk Đorđević

      Man samsung phones too have some meaningless numbers like a72,a51,a02s

    • - oh -
      - oh -

      @OP Videos GOD BLESSS...

    • - oh -
      - oh -

      GOD BLESS....

    • Kan Kantona
      Kan Kantona

      @Herry Hernandez the telephoto only works when very bright. It has slightly better effect than optical zoom. Btw my v30 has 2 android upgrades but less than 2 years security update

    • Herry Hernandez
      Herry Hernandez

      Has anyone tried 3 Camera LG Smartphones to commit fraud? In 3 Cameras LG Smartphone, just only 2 Camera that work, Camera Telephoto with Normal Camera using the same sensor, try putting your finger and try to change the camera.. Already tried in LG G8s, V50 I feel LG is infiltrated by a lot of corrupt people I heard LG is leaving its smartphone business. I think as a user of LG so far, it is only natural that LG is abandoned by many of its users, it is because the Lg Mobile division does not care about consumer opinion and does not provide good aftersales services. Just look at all other brands of smartphones, they are vying to provide the best aftersales service by providing software updates for at least minimal 2 years will always be received by users. While LG does not provide it well for some countries, for example LG G4, for in my country only accepts 1x OS updates, while other brands of smartphones can always provide a minimum renewal of 2x. I also have another LG series such as LG G7+ and LG G8s, 2 Smartphones that never at all get os updates and we were really let down by LG Mobile Division.. I'm sure, that's what makes LG more left by users. Take a look at various forums, lg name has long been labeled bad aftersales services.

  • tim jasnic
    tim jasnic

    Das ist nicht gut

  • A Me Me
    A Me Me

    When I think LG I think different.

  • A Me Me
    A Me Me

    R.I.P. LG

  • Ashish Pawar
    Ashish Pawar

    Is it Brown Munde at 5:31?

  • Grey Astig
    Grey Astig

    If lg just asked an advice from you they wouldn't probably shut down their smartphone business.

  • Liana Wopschall
    Liana Wopschall

    If LG’s marketing team had watched this video a year+ ago, they could’ve made serious adjustments and possibly saved their mobile phone line. This is a well-done comprehensive video. I agree that LG’s phones aren’t that memorable, which isn’t always a bad thing. If they’d marketed their phones to people as affordable, high-quality spec phones with simpler designs, they could’ve crushed that category. They just never marketed it as such. And, as stated in the video, hopping from one gimmick to the next really sunk another nail in that coffin. A lot of inconsistencies overall. It’s sad that such a high-quality product line is getting shut down due to poor marketing decisions & a lack of press. (I’m slow to the 2021 phone game cause I didn’t need a new phone till now, hence the timing on finding this video.)

  • ps1 gamer
    ps1 gamer

    They aren't good phones and their lack of advertisements and overdoing it with gimmicks nobody wants or asked for

  • John Mahoney the phone collector
    John Mahoney the phone collector

    I love lg and I miss it

  • North

    So it was YOU who killed off LG phones

  • Elma Ekic
    Elma Ekic

    your first aatempt in a new language is not bad (german,im german)

  • Art Pizza
    Art Pizza

    I remember LG is the phone brand back with flip phones that would be different. But nowadays nobody likes different.

  • DavidNikkiZane

    I am an LG user. This is so sad :(

  • Mouhamed Jihed Jaouadi
    Mouhamed Jihed Jaouadi

    Sorry to hear these bad news about LG smartphones, I was a huge fun of their products. 🤔 (really innovative in their prime)

  • Alex Hristova
    Alex Hristova

    I had an LG (G8 I believe) and the performance was average. They got me with all the glowing reviews about the camera, which turned out to be crap. I couldn't get rid of that phone fast enough. I'm never going back. And yes, I do have an immediate association with a word when I hear "apple" - disgust. "Hatred" also works. I would literally rather not have a phone that to use an iPhone.

  • Razor 1n2
    Razor 1n2

    Not a bad attempt speaking German

  • Michael Bernabe
    Michael Bernabe

    Me: waiting for him to make a video why cherry mobile sucks

  • darkki

    And a lot of providers just don't offer the LG brand or offer just the super cheap models.

  • TheBlue Phoenix
    TheBlue Phoenix

    This is a pretty great review of LG. It covered almost all points that I personally felt and even those that I didn't realize contributed to me not paying attention to LG phones... Great video!

  • Muhammad Zeeshan
    Muhammad Zeeshan

    I am using my Lg g8 thinq for last 9months...i am dmn sure its alot better than all chinese brands.

  • Cesar Recalde
    Cesar Recalde

    Who is going to buy an LG V60 on lauch date for $799 when in June 2021 is costing $300 and going down.

  • stellan stafford
    stellan stafford

    Typing this on my LG G8X

  • pstar7

    I had a lg sylo 4 phone. I didn't know I liked lg stylo phones by my new samsung a42 don't like it liked lg sylo phones

  • parham the cat
    parham the cat

    I didn't even know LG phones existed

  • Kostas Alextown
    Kostas Alextown

    Yea ! I am sure you think thats the truth but......you are not worth to talk about LG !

  • Dior Bear
    Dior Bear

    ✝️For God✨so loved💖the world 🌎 that he gave his one ☝🏽and only Son 👤 that whoever believes 🛐 in him shall not perish but have eternal life✨ John 3:16❤️ For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved😌✨ Romans 10:13❤️

  • 백인수Insu

    Release an updated LG G3 ill buy it for $1500

  • Hans News
    Hans News

    Buy the brand

  • Radu George Oprea
    Radu George Oprea

    Probably because LG does not allow automatic connection to the SPY SERVICES networks! IT'S A MILITARY STANDARD! SO THEY WANT TO SPY US WITHOUT KNOWING! It's as if we don't know that Samsung is pure espionage! At Samsung we also pay for state spy servers.

  • Radu George Oprea
    Radu George Oprea

    Because so-called traders do not want to bring. I still have a Lg g4 from 2015 (it was 500 euros) and apart from the battery, it's better than samsung for 1000 euros from 2019. I decided to buy only LG this year.

  • Mike jersey Rivarez
    Mike jersey Rivarez

    Should i buy the lg g8?

  • Sanah Rajesh
    Sanah Rajesh

    I got an ad featuring Mrwhosetheboss in the beginning of the video.

  • Humberto Antonio
    Humberto Antonio

    The redundant whorl ostensibly pine because grain biologically shiver atop a pathetic bongo. careless, luxuriant deposit

  • CLok

    You're right about LG not having direction. If the LG V60 was released by Samsung, that would have been a worldwide hit. But I still like their phone nevertheless

  • C. a.s.
    C. a.s.

    My first phone was a LG Leon, so I'm very sad, that they quit the market:(

  • John Froedge
    John Froedge

    I don't buy after two failed phones I purchased from them. G4 and V10 Same exact issue. Processor would come off.... There was a class action lawsuit about it.

  • Prabash Behethge
    Prabash Behethge

    Are you mad

  • Ron Hartley
    Ron Hartley

    I been a Samsung user since the first Galaxy S Captivate. I bought the LG k92 5G 3months ago and I'm pretty happy with it. Some small differences but still pretty good.

  • Ronald Evers
    Ronald Evers

    LG phone is the worst phone I ever had..and will never buy one again.. The worst.


    I want Mrwhosetheboss to make a phone and i bet it will be the best flagship ever

  • James Veach
    James Veach

    Wine ass LG was a good phone company too bad they turned their back on their own product and its consumer which will come back and buy elke in the ass with their other products that they sell they may have just put their self out of business

  • Arvin Raj Mathur
    Arvin Raj Mathur

    What he says: "Here is a fair assessment of LG's critical failures" What I hear: "LG GIVE ME FREE STUFF!"

  • Julbert Mier
    Julbert Mier

    Actually lg phones lesser and unstable network here in Philippines when it is from korea

  • Red Baran
    Red Baran

    I love LG's!

  • John X
    John X

    Because you content creators killed LG forcing them to be innovative every year and putting them down for it. Their phones are always a couple hundred dollars cheaper with the same hardware. But it's nice when you get kickbacks from other companies

  • Tammy Tammy
    Tammy Tammy

    The wary cicada exclusively delay because study morally close till a annoyed pilot. animated, honorable layer

  • Karsten Kröger
    Karsten Kröger

    5:58 Ja, das ist gar nicht gut man. XD Deine Videos sind aber trotzdem gut!

  • Jay Maverick
    Jay Maverick

    LG would earn millions by hiring Arun for a marketing consultation.

  • Blindgänger

    Me, as some random German dude, has been positively overwhelmed with his attempt to speaking German. Sehr gut! 🇩🇪

  • Hello Picatchu
    Hello Picatchu

    Lg better than samsung

  • Hello Picatchu
    Hello Picatchu

    Lg better than samsung

  • Paul Le Mars
    Paul Le Mars

    And now they're gone.

  • Zappaz

    I loved LG phones. Had the G3, G5, and now G7. Currently trying to decide on what to upgrade to next though after LG said they aren't making phones anymore. I think the biggest factor was the lack of marketing on LG's side. Of the people I knew who liked LG phones, they kept buying them because of the cost to performance was good generally. I wish they would have pushed more as like you said in the video they had some really good ideas which have become mainstays in the smartphone business.

  • SaturneKx

    i love lg and ive stuck with them for 5 years

  • SaturneKx

    casually watches on an lg

  • Alex Solomatov
    Alex Solomatov

    Gay-wife in a hurry lying.


    i have lg g7 thinq its really grate

  • Weslie Global
    Weslie Global

    Bad reputation from bad quality products.. They deserve it 🤷‍♀️

  • Meher Chaithanya 2.0
    Meher Chaithanya 2.0

    LG wing: hold my beer. But sadly they closed the mobiles business.

  • A Bier
    A Bier

    Das ist nicht gut 👍😄, you speak very good german.

  • steven berthy
    steven berthy


  • joytekb

    Psychology of mobile phone thesis.

  • Sequences

    I have a v35 and that Quad DAC is overrated. Yes, it's convenient to not only have a headphone jack that can better power hifi headphones, but for something that claims to be really good, it can't actually power harder-to-drive headphones better than the basic USB-C DACs you can buy for the jackless phones. In fact, my planars get louder using Samsung's aux dongle than the v35 does, and LG had been using the same DAC from the v30 until the v60. And let's be real, people will just get the $15 dongle or use wireless buds. There's also a whole hifi dongle market that's easy to get into. This feature everyone goes on about really didn't have a sizeable market imo. Sure, tech reviewers loved to point it out then still bought jackless phones. Hifi enthusiasts were already using dongles that were superior to any built-in jack. It's just not a compelling buy for most people. At the time when every phone threw a jack in and a basic DAC/AMP, sure, it was probably a step up, but now when cheap, $15 dongles do as well or better than their Quad DAC then it's just the best of the worst.

  • FatDave

    Value for money that’s who you are

  • FatDave

    Totally agree

  • RobloxCrusheR

    Everyone Gangsta till LG gets bankrupted for making phones that no one buys

  • Johan Joe
    Johan Joe

    are you telling me getting a V60 is better than a oneplus nord?! i guess no android 12 or maybe no android 11 tho :(

  • Akmal Hakim
    Akmal Hakim

    i noticed that we can hardly find lg phones in the online market. most of them are "used" or "unlocked". So do people just buy them in the official LG online shop?

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh

    Probably because of bad managers

  • Superdoo987

    i had the g4 beat and I rmb thinking the wave to wake was so cool

  • Lee G Bais
    Lee G Bais

    Remember when LG was plagued with bootloop issues with G3 and G4. Yeah that's the reason I left LG .

  • abcdeisthekey PlayStation/PC
    abcdeisthekey PlayStation/PC

    I literally know nobody with LG

  • freedom Queen (Freedom Queen)
    freedom Queen (Freedom Queen)

    I❤️❤️❤️ my LG 📱🇺🇲🇲🇺

  • DarkyRighti

    I think lg will get value if Arun is the CEO of lg

  • Ninsane gamer
    Ninsane gamer

    I always loved LG phones especially the G series and never understood why they are so underrated. I and my wife have had some long discussions about whether or not my LG was better than her Sony. Side note: I've been using Dashlane for over a year and now I can't do without it

  • Delbert Daphne
    Delbert Daphne

    The finicky hill disappointedly exist because utensil weekly instruct off a icky magician. lazy, pink banana

  • Bryant Allen
    Bryant Allen

    I thought it was funny that apple was sourcing there screens from not only samsung, but LG...

    • Gurinder lotey
      Gurinder lotey

      Actually samsung provides oled screen to apple

  • Shushanth

    Now am seeing this video in LG 😀

  • mohammed gofur
    mohammed gofur

    I dont know why LG stands for lifes good

    • No U
      No U

      LG stands for Lucky Goldstar

  • FlyingGuy123

    This guys voice is awesome.

  • CathyCado

    My first phone was LG and it was blue on the back and I loved it, but shifted over to Samsung.

  • De4dPoo1

    I mean i love the wh-100xm3 from sony´s headphones.

  • Epic PooVine Vlogs
    Epic PooVine Vlogs

    LG taking notes 🗒 from this video 📹

    • Danos

      LG recently declared that they quit making phones mate

  • camicam

    I want the V60 so bad because the dual screen is cool! I prefer it better than actual folding screen! You can just take it out whenever you want.

  • N Kliesow
    N Kliesow

    I always have been sticking on lg, but since they closed production on smartphone market I dont't know what I should settle on. I always liked the style, but I agree the arguments totally and don't know why the market experts from lg did dump their phones. There once was the time I was sure if I got a new LG phone it isn't going to be bad, samsung sometimes had bad battery issues and sony's style is in my opinion one of the worst. Sometimes it's ok the don't stick on the identity of a company, the concept was "we try new things and if we release it it is always finished at professional engineer level". I was stunning when you said what do you remember on this phone :-D it's so easy to break it down from the commercial view.

  • donnie

    lg has the best ultrawide view...

  • noimdream

    12:11 reminded me of that meme of tom cruise and his little version of himself running beside him

  • Dihan

    I only saw a old lg phone in my real eye

  • Mai ✔︎
    Mai ✔︎

    I used to have a lg smart phone “ life was good”

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez

    I had lg g4 it went awful after one year i tried third party battery and the battery drain so quickly.

  • NoahYTK

    5:59 das ist nicht gut

  • Sytrax.

    Das ist nicht gut!

  • John Fernandez
    John Fernandez

    1:01 When you find that one nerf dart you lost 9 years ago

  • Smart Trump Supporter 2
    Smart Trump Supporter 2

    People are sheep that's why they buy samsung.

  • javaman7

    yes Why

  • jake ladd
    jake ladd

    The LG G4 thats why

  • Scott Wagner
    Scott Wagner

    I hate Samsung almost as much as I HATE Apple. (Let's face it they want to emulate Apple more than they want to surpass them.) I've loved LG for my last 4 phones and I'm heartbroken that they've given up on making mobile phones. When my V60 dies I think I'll just head out to the woods and fall off the grid entirely.

  • TSDOmlet

    I just always said "thinq" as "think"


    My first phone ever was lg l20😭

  • Antony McDonald
    Antony McDonald

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