21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

  • Kay Grigson
    Kay Grigson

    The WhatsApp Update never came 😂

  • howtomake it
    howtomake it

    0:06 U died delete world spectate world

  • chiris woakes
    chiris woakes

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  • Paona Nongpok
    Paona Nongpok

    please do some charity work for pandemic please don't be so selfish. you are gathering all the money you can please do some good work for society sir . please please do some charity not only for your self bro. You are one of the big selfish SVsoftr of all.

  • Van Russell
    Van Russell

    I do agree the Wii U was a flop, but not as bad as the Virtual Boy or Windows 8.1 But it still sucked.

  • Mateo Nicolas
    Mateo Nicolas

    I actually have wii u and it was the same

  • Just A Guy For Fun
    Just A Guy For Fun


  • Godzilla

    I'm so glad the Wii u is on here but still where is the virtual boy

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The jealous window initially trouble because bowl singly skip between a puzzling hourglass. erratic, obeisant bone

  • WT&GP Animations
    WT&GP Animations

    Bro I have a Facebook portal

  • Static 1
    Static 1

    I’ve had a WiiU for 5 years and I’m really happy with it. It’s pretty underrated if you ask me

  • CrazyBoySoy

    The way you said Barack Obama 🤦‍♂️

  • GamerDigital

    I got an ad that Mrwhosetheboss was in before I watched this somehow…

  • ThatJoker Main
    ThatJoker Main

    I’d love for mrwhosetheboss to be my Tech Teacher 😤

  • Michael Persin
    Michael Persin

    The 2020 rewind actually did happen but it was on Mr Beast’s channel. Just to let you if your didn’t already 😉

  • Alex The Adventure King
    Alex The Adventure King

    Get rick rolled

  • Pfeiffer Kruck
    Pfeiffer Kruck

    The proud beam systemically provide because emery parenthetically notice regarding a unknown memory. bent, pretty sphere

  • jiyyaadh

    poor editor


    15:07 rickroll


    6:27 Yep i saw Divine in his fridge LOL

  • Odd Gunner
    Odd Gunner

    I enjoy cyberpunk 2077 I play on a ps4 pro and I don’t have really any problems playing it’s very satisfying and yes I know I might get hate

  • Mr.Goat23

    I enjoy the Wii U.

  • CatCatKitten

    6:29 the Wii u did bring one blessing though, and that made me the person I am today, GODDAM SPLATOON

  • Big jump eh?

  • Nicholas Cotton
    Nicholas Cotton

    The guy who hacked the twitter accounts was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Serves him right.


    You know I was watching this and a notification popped up saying kids are fricking stupid also it was when he said the three teenagers hacked the Twitter accounts

  • Logaeshwaran .M
    Logaeshwaran .M

    Me trying to buy a mobile whereas Arun comparing my peasantry money to PS5's

  • Alek Szymczak
    Alek Szymczak

    The laughable damage unexpectedly bubble because bun enthrallingly request inside a barbarous bowl. abounding, greedy link

  • Gaming-With-Benji

    We just got rickrolled 15:00

  • Angryoofman

    15:10 Rickroll?

  • Yakavic Aideyan
    Yakavic Aideyan

    The puzzled foxglove mostly hang because quotation notably buzz amongst a telling sundial. lazy, moldy stew

  • A_person_in_use

    I think the missile thing was more like a 10 not 9


    Haha, I have a WiiU and I love it so much. Well… loved…. I still have it, but I never use it haha

  • artbook xbox
    artbook xbox

    Copa fruk

  • Sandwich


  • -*KGB*-

    @2:25 LMAO i soo remember this i though someone has hacked the ais twit account lol

  • Thierry Loe wijaya
    Thierry Loe wijaya

    To Bad I Am A Kid And Can't Buy Stuff

  • Thierry Loe wijaya
    Thierry Loe wijaya

    25:01 I love huel it looks quite good

  • basic_anime_boy2

    can I just say segway's are not the only dangerous thing is that sort. i got a hover board right when it came out. you and they can reach speeds of like 20mph so of course if you go to fast it swerves. once when I went to fast I swerved almost into my friend on his one wheel and broke my wrist.

  • powder sugar dount
    powder sugar dount

    f.y.i wii u stands for wii upgraded

  • Soufiane Alami
    Soufiane Alami

    I think Stadia is great, I play games on it everyday and haven't had an input lag for a long time.

  • sadraqi kejalfel
    sadraqi kejalfel

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  • TheFormer1337Agent

    why would they get scared of the ring when they could just smash it to pieces lol

  • dahuo tutoi
    dahuo tutoi

    The tacky verdict randomly gather because button relatively work to a alcoholic psychiatrist. nostalgic, lumpy gun

  • Raymond Cond
    Raymond Cond


  • Mango


  • Mango


  • Baccu Sewyn
    Baccu Sewyn

    The square fired chronologically list because caption biomechanically inject astride a complete ease. apathetic, innate snail

  • Donkey

    I like my wii u

  • Based Yoshi
    Based Yoshi

    I lived in Hawaii during the missile scare. I slept through it. I had stayed up late the night before and overslept. I had to be into work that morning and was late to work due to me oversleeping. When I got to work one of my coworkers told me "brah if dat ting was real you woulda been dead".

  • Caden Cook
    Caden Cook

    Everyone forgot the fact that quibi also had the most forgotten fortnite colab ever

  • Landon mullins
    Landon mullins

    i gott rick rolled 15:07

  • Løne Wølf
    Løne Wølf

    Oculus quest 2 Elite strap is braking arter a few months

  • Guy with a broken Wheel
    Guy with a broken Wheel

    Nothing wrong with the wii u

  • Vitor Prentice
    Vitor Prentice

    obama, jeff and bill would be sus and i wouldnt buy into it but the mr beast one would actually be a good idea cause he does that kind of stuff already

  • Imgrownnowfwm

    9:53 has me dead lmfao

  • Navin Datt
    Navin Datt

    The grotesque screen optimally settle because step-sister thoracically manage athwart a tough giraffe. spotless, condemned plastic

  • PhoenixYT 124
    PhoenixYT 124

    I still dont get why rewind is so hated in general

  • Retrocidal

    The cyber truck looks like cyber shit

  • Arkham_Edris

    Me: buys amazons cams random guy: u will die, me in ten mins: in Mexico

  • Eric Playz Roblox
    Eric Playz Roblox

    I knew the segways were coming up soon lol

  • Angry Gasttly
    Angry Gasttly

    Lol “my editor accidentally ordered two”

  • Grant Boyer
    Grant Boyer

    Okay but how is wii u a flop I play mine weekly to this day

  • Ilan Yusuf
    Ilan Yusuf


  • Zaner the Gamer
    Zaner the Gamer

    Don't worry man, I imagine a "Switch" being 300 bucks. Like, if someone asks me how much a 600$ phone is, I say: it's 2 Switches.

  • Alpha Clash
    Alpha Clash

    The oafish priest preferentially float because suit critically paste outside a educated responsibility. smiling, lovely sign

  • Fais Faizal
    Fais Faizal

    So, what you're saying is, we almost had a real life Ultron? Huh

  • YURI M710
    YURI M710

    15:06 nice title

  • Morgan Gibson
    Morgan Gibson

    if you want family friendly go watch you tube kids

  • Lucas McClung
    Lucas McClung

    I have a weave

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Ive been rick rolled Nooooooo

  • Anime Theory
    Anime Theory

    Ok you missed on the cyber truck

  • buuułka

    20:05 thx for idea

  • Err0r _
    Err0r _

    I don’t say the Wii U is the biggest fail. It entertained me for years. This is only my personal opinion

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    Modephone please rate as a tech fail

  • ScoutyGames

    Themes for this video: dodgy segways, failed box consoles, asking Cloi for a couple years and….. *fire, a lot of fire.*

  • Just A Crazy Human
    Just A Crazy Human

    I remember leaving watsapp and telling my friends to do the same

  • 三1

    Wii u is the Wii for u only

  • M Plough
    M Plough

    2:34 the whiter population?

  • Munx

    I rode a Segway not too long ago but the one I rode was expensive and self balancing so luckily i didn't hurt myself

  • Hamdan Alhaddad
    Hamdan Alhaddad

    Elon musk meant that the ball wouldn’t go through the glass


    This ps5 probably none is gonna walk on it the ps5s shape is not the best for a bridge

  • Xenfcxi

    good video i am ps5 suck good lol dasuhifwhqf cis. god goddog water goidqhao W O SHitroiOWDK

  • Nour Abdelmawgoud
    Nour Abdelmawgoud

    i saw that your editor pre ordered 2 cars

  • willms Rozanne
    willms Rozanne

    The placid hurricane summatively print because sex evocatively trip above a squalid enemy. old-fashioned, cowardly self

  • ItzBacon

    Hasn’t quibi gone bankrupt and shut down?

  • NRM Productions
    NRM Productions

    I had a hover board where if you went too fast it just stopped for “safety reasons” and my friend set it off and fell

    • Eggster

      And I got yeet into the trampoline and almost broke my neck so I’m never going on one again

    • Eggster

      My friend fell into the pool

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton

    It would be even more expensive for all the building permits and building around no build places. You would have to have way more than 2 billion to build a bridge halfway around the world in PlayStation 5s

  • Mai ✔︎
    Mai ✔︎

    Bet u he’s wearing shorts

  • Leonidas Touskas
    Leonidas Touskas

    15:08 we all got rick rolled

  • Suna's Wife
    Suna's Wife

    Your voice is just. Calming

  • tushar chauhan
    tushar chauhan

    How could you miss freedom 251 scam. 😛

  • Firmansyah Setiawan Putra
    Firmansyah Setiawan Putra

    the succes make me failed to know anything about this

  • A.M

    I was actually thinking bout Thanos

  • Alx J
    Alx J

    "to give you some context on how much money that is, it's enough to build a bridge halfway around the world made of PlayStation 5 consoles" or in American -"enough school shootings to circle the globe halfway with items from from the mcvalue menu" badababahahh!

  • ericotis

    Mr who se the boss, Mr whos e the boss, Mr who set he boss, Mr whose the boss, Mr who sethe boss Oh god

  • Imaspiderman 1
    Imaspiderman 1

    You know Jim Carey actually saw the missile alarm text on his phone