How THIS instagram story kills your phone.
This instagram story from pgtalal can crash your phone in an instant...but HOW? and WHY? Let's find out. Subscribe if you enjoyed!
Thanks to Ananay for helping, his original tweet is here:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Spent a few too many sleepless nights working on this one - Do consider sharing this message if you found it useful / interesting! 👊 Slight correction - I've been told the arabic text translates to "Check the next story" and "something so pretty" - I'm blaming Google Translate 😂 UPDATE - Instagram has finally fixed the crashing! They've actually implemented the rule we talk about in this video! To see my last video about crazy inventions: To see the most expensive phone unboxing you've ever seen:

    • chocolate bar 15
      chocolate bar 15

      How do you add to your Instagram stories?

    • Muhammad Jalal
      Muhammad Jalal

      @ItzDopey yeah

    • Sam Brett
      Sam Brett

      Wait so I can press on the story

    • hex_ memes-
      hex_ memes-

      im an arabic suadi guy and the arabic translate is absoultly wrong

    • PewDiepie Sup
      PewDiepie Sup


  • Ika Putri Choiriah
    Ika Putri Choiriah

    Aww look at that cat! 9:29

  • Sam Webb
    Sam Webb

    Are you English, Australian or American? You sound more British than anything.

  • Nate Holden
    Nate Holden

    I got an AD at the perfect timing and thought my phone was hacked or smth. That coincidence tho-

  • Zippy Gamer
    Zippy Gamer

    What about iPad os ?

  • ItsMohammad BS
    ItsMohammad BS

    I know Arabic and the story says "see the next story that is after this one"

  • my dad has been rickroll'd
    my dad has been rickroll'd

    That guy at 14: crashes and hacks phones Me, a 14 year old girl: vibes to geometry dash songs

  • Among Us Imposter
    Among Us Imposter

    0:05 oh, oh sh- [bleep]

  • SketchMan

    Iphone noob

  • Lord Shaxx
    Lord Shaxx

    Me being an Arab i can say: The douche bag is inviting people to it

  • Tonic Gamer
    Tonic Gamer

    The arabic text says look at the story afrlter it

  • tvii

    Talal at 14: crashes phones Me at 14: playing with legos

  • Maddie Scott
    Maddie Scott

    This guy I knew used to send text messages that made your iPhone shut off x.x


    i wanna destroy my dad phone

  • peter montag
    peter montag

    The aloof measure only examine because christmas disturbingly earn than a rare brother. expensive, unique flavor

  • BuzzleTwat

    Some mad skills at young age meanwhile, me struggling in the course of backend smh

  • orange juice
    orange juice

    Bruh i was watching and suddenly the audio cut out so i thought it was a troll turns out it was my airpods connecting to my phone


    9:39: A cat participating in his video

  • Heavy0331

    kind of reminds me of Slap.mp4 on discord

  • Kaelyn C
    Kaelyn C

    9:30 cat

  • Aaron Zhang
    Aaron Zhang

    lol that's why u always need backend validation.

  • Big lee
    Big lee

    So basically, android is better

  • V.O.L.T T U T O R I A L S
    V.O.L.T T U T O R I A L S

    If u fell into this Delete Instagram

  • V.O.L.T T U T O R I A L S
    V.O.L.T T U T O R I A L S

    Imagine if a baby was sneaking in his/her dad's room and mess somethings on their

  • Gabriela Anne
    Gabriela Anne

    2:50 “weird compilation of Monika from friends” um bestie that’s called an EDIT-

  • Min Yoo
    Min Yoo

    I love your cat

  • Reemas Alsalem
    Reemas Alsalem

    The Arabic Text : Look At My Next Story

  • young king
    young king

    My instagram cuts off while I’m using it for no reason who know what’s the problem? I uses a iPhone

  • kola Kalle
    kola Kalle

    I saw it early in tiktok so i tried it. My phone just freezed for few minutes and restarted after

  • Cooper Payne
    Cooper Payne

    If you were wondering what that says. It says ( See the next story after this )

  • Cooper Payne
    Cooper Payne

    He took the story down its not their anymore

  • Ultrawindow

    And IOS user say Androids are inferior...

  • p s
    p s

    The actual answer starts at 6.00 🙄

  • Random Roblox Rubbish
    Random Roblox Rubbish

    No bc I wanna do it now lol

  • Rajkaran Dhillon
    Rajkaran Dhillon

    Does it still works??

  • Ali Alim
    Ali Alim

    It says see the story

  • Fasih Rahman
    Fasih Rahman

    Time to troll my friends who use an iPhone

  • LucyL2006

    Is it just me who wants to go and click on the story right now 😶

  • Wágenhoffer Olivér
    Wágenhoffer Olivér

    We can do it? Well yes, but actually no

  • Shania Burgess
    Shania Burgess

    This just shows Iphone is overpriced garbage.

  • Hexagonal Gaming
    Hexagonal Gaming

    my name is also talal and l am also 14 years old (coincidence)

  • Rayen

    I have an s21 ultra

  • Arhum Ahmed
    Arhum Ahmed

    My Phone Haven't Crashed Why ?

  • ʇǝɥǝ ʇ 3OOO
    ʇǝɥǝ ʇ 3OOO

    ولدنا أنشهر 😂

  • Blackpapi



    Plot Twist : Nothing happened to Talal's Phone

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    That cat tho, love it

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    A few questions, what happens to a xioami device and maybe a pc with really high specs, what if you'd use the the newest installment of red magic

  • Andrew James
    Andrew James

    I know arabic cause I’m Arabian and it says in the text to look at the other Instagram story

  • SDJ

    6:17 Wait a minute.. Is it just me or did he lowkey rickroll us?

  • Talal Abu Zant
    Talal Abu Zant

    Sorry guys, wanted to poke some fun. Won’t do it again.

  • Sax

    My iPhone 7+ never crashed to it.

    • Gudiel

      It doesn’t work anymore

  • Blake Waters
    Blake Waters


  • Madison Hall
    Madison Hall

    a monika playlist... search "just monika" in youtube it a song it might be clue that person may be a girl and be monika and is trying to destroy phones thinking theyre the girls

  • odell abeb
    odell abeb

    The dysfunctional mailman histologically record because marble presumably warn unlike a penitent sing. abhorrent, rotten slope

  • Ethan Van Der-Westhuizem
    Ethan Van Der-Westhuizem

    It’s funny because they’re company is made up of multi-billion dollar people And smart developers to put they’re apps into place And they all got outsmarted by a 14 year old Who taught himself....

  • Ram Dram
    Ram Dram

    wow this is new

  • osama elsayed elshayeb
    osama elsayed elshayeb

    i can talk arabic and i can translate it for you 😄😄😄 3:39 Something Sweeeet

  • Zoe M1
    Zoe M1

    Don't try this with your phones kids

  • Bird Pro
    Bird Pro

    Because he arab

  • Ronni Abshier
    Ronni Abshier

    my favorite part was when your kitten came on the set lol

  • Undone Wolf
    Undone Wolf

    Why is no one talking about him sort of Rick rolling us at the stickers part

  • Dhyan Baraiya
    Dhyan Baraiya


  • Dhyan Baraiya
    Dhyan Baraiya


  • Dhyan Baraiya
    Dhyan Baraiya


  • Dhyan Baraiya
    Dhyan Baraiya


  • Dhyan Baraiya
    Dhyan Baraiya


  • Dhyan Baraiya
    Dhyan Baraiya


  • JupiterPi

    Really nice how you've been making some more insightful technical videos lately!

  • Omega 2.0
    Omega 2.0

    Talal: causes errors at 14 Me: searches Google on Google.

  • Omega 2.0
    Omega 2.0

    9:29 cute kitten in the right

  • Faha Ali Bukhari
    Faha Ali Bukhari

    At least I don’t have Instagram 😏

  • Family House
    Family House

    I am glad he does these kinds of videos. I like them

  • termapoop


  • Cherry Magtulis
    Cherry Magtulis

    You have some phone give away

  • Mrinal Chandra
    Mrinal Chandra


  • Jade Murillon
    Jade Murillon

    I felt bad for those phones. You should've gave it to me sir hehe

  • Abdelrahman Hussein
    Abdelrahman Hussein

    The arabic text tanslates to "look at this story" but the rest idk... Im even arab but there are many types of arabic so yea srry.

  • Fury FR
    Fury FR

    There's a Tiktok that does the same.

  • MrWolf

    so no one will talk about that cute cat 9:30

  • Steven Lukowski
    Steven Lukowski

    Just don't do it

  • Error 404
    Error 404

    Nothing happens to mine , Samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5G is still the ultimate phone , best phone on this planet , I have said enough all of the rest is just trash phones. Just beeing real. Here nice videos brother keep them going !

    • JTS

      You have a funny name.

  • فارس حنبظاظه
    فارس حنبظاظه

    هل في عرب في المقطع is there Arabs in this video?

  • WildF1reFan

    Talal: *Crashes phones at 14* Me at 14 (technically): *still plays roblox*

  • t_a_i_ y_e_e_b
    t_a_i_ y_e_e_b

    how many iphone you wasted on these test

  • Hunter Mills
    Hunter Mills

    I might have actually found something similar to this that was able to crash all iphones that were on a game i was playing basically i had some app that let me use custom symbols/fonts and stuff and the second i put some sort of symbol in chat in the game i was playing my game just crashed and i come back and alot of the server is gone. Edit: the crash bug im talking about didnt make my phone freeze it just crashes the game

  • Thomas

    The cat at 9:37 is so cute

  • BizarreAsterism

    But what about a Samsung tablet you might be able to see more maybe

  • Mr. Gaming Watch
    Mr. Gaming Watch

    Sinhala there is one Russian Among Us > |ඞ🔫ඩ |ඡ |න To be continued

  • Zizo the cat
    Zizo the cat


  • Tushar Gamer
    Tushar Gamer

    If I watched that byebye story without watching this video I would be shitting my pants

  • ??????????

    Is samsung Galaxy A50 good?

  • Leox

    1:55 wer fühlt ds bastighg intro

  • GameRex

    Android > iphone

  • Petr Gromov
    Petr Gromov

    I could get out with an iPhone though

  • Maki_Harukawa

    I use a android and I am happy