A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.
The insta360 GO 2 is one of the most curious Smartphone Gadgets I've ever tested: www.insta360.com/sal/go_2?ins...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    If you've watched the full video - Curious what you think to a future where everyone's recording everything 👀 For my last video discussing sponsored videos, earnings and other SVsoftr stuff: svsoft.info/award/qojXh6Fq0ruVpnU/video.html

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    • Kin Han Tan
      Kin Han Tan

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  • DIO

    1:11 Light Yagami would like to have a word with you

  • Sheba Ham
    Sheba Ham

    That's it, I'm getting this one ....

  • Julian Cronin
    Julian Cronin

    The little that’s what she said was pretty good

  • Sebydboss Yt
    Sebydboss Yt

    I saw the that’s what she said

  • Alan Walker
    Alan Walker

    Cheers Arun, I might have missed a couple of things, what is the storage? upgradable? Can this double as a webcam for any popular online meeting software? Nice video, I do like your production values.

  • ACU

    *Currently buying this camera for my bike rides*

  • Aearian

    Great, I needed this to put it in cans of hairwash and spy on people! Lifesaver! xD

  • Bluesidian

    i'll buy it only if he comes with it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Sneakyslapz

    4:53 found it

  • Sas Sas
    Sas Sas

    Moshaya famaily

  • tammy jenkins
    tammy jenkins

    My question to Mrwhosethe boss is, you use a S21Ulta since you can't expand storage wouldn't this fill your phone up pretty quick?

  • My Friend Jen Online
    My Friend Jen Online

    Just remember, the case is not water proof! Ask me how I know? 😒

  • Patrick Jerome Obaldo
    Patrick Jerome Obaldo

    The device itself isn't what's amazing, but it's the software behind it is what gives it the value compared to other action cameras. That camera is backed by a company that knows what it's doing.

  • Superdoo987

    its 300 pounds

  • haroo86

    Whats the battery life?

  • Omkar Gharat
    Omkar Gharat

    Shut up and take my money

  • Aashrups

    out of all the things I can't unsee the subtlety in the editing ..beautiful and perfectly in sync..hats to joseph

  • Mist Agar -ميستاجار
    Mist Agar -ميستاجار

    I bought 1

  • sonya manning
    sonya manning

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  • -*KGB*-

    no fkn way that insta 360 2 camara quality is that good

  • shane fulcher
    shane fulcher

    You can stick it anywhere ! . . . Aaargh . . . Noooooooo ! Not up there ! ! ! 😲😲😲

  • waid majji
    waid majji

    bruh 4:43. LOOL

  • sumera asif
    sumera asif

    4:41 arun you're killing me

  • BidsakOnWheels

    Could you compare it with the SJCam C200? Thanks!

  • Brutus Callaway
    Brutus Callaway

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  • XR

    Did I miss it or did you not mention battery life at all?

  • Flanoop

    Super cool, wish there was more about how much/long it can record and battery life but a video ordered by a sponsor has to have some limitations


    small meaning the battery is small, which means that it is less immune to battery degrade overtime. i dont think it would last that long over a few years

  • Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse

    In case you're wondering what that thing is on one frame at 4:53, it's a drone. It took me awhile to isolate that frame.

  • ShihammeDarc

    You are amazing, I am never interested in taking photos but somehow you have made me interested in this product.

  • Matthew Deryabin
    Matthew Deryabin

    dang it I was thinking maybe i could put this on the remote control plane that im gonna build with my friend but its expensive

  • gran Ganador
    gran Ganador

    Look at those devil horns

  • D. Kürşad
    D. Kürşad

    The way you presented this camera... "I need it" is all I think now

  • Eron Hyseni
    Eron Hyseni



    Lets make it easier for creepers to spy on people.

  • Milan Gajic
    Milan Gajic

    i still love my old gopro session ... ever since i got it i've barely made any photo's on vacation. i do miss stabilization, but the session format has been thrown out by gopro. THIS might just be my next pocket camera ! thank you !

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName

    Damn, this is a really impressive yolk. At the beginning of the video I pretty much knew what it was, a little camera, and I thought _"fine, but I don't need this."_ But after the video I kind of want one just because of how well thought out it is. Make it in the shape of a Star Trek combadge and you can have my money. All of it.

  • Rithvik Bejoy
    Rithvik Bejoy

    go 2

  • heman lol
    heman lol

    4:43 ayyyyooooo

  • xXM4ZTERXx

    Also which Kit do you recommend I’m someone who likes to record videos but likes to have a tripod too because I don’t have anyone else to help me record

  • SussieBuka

    I can't believe he made by brain watch a 10 minute [actually good] sponsorship for no absolute reason.

  • xXM4ZTERXx

    Take my money!!!!

  • sofi

    you are scammer!!!!!! 🤬

  • Naz

    How long does the battery last while recording? Was thinking of a go pro but this seems pretty cool and more versatile...

  • PY Chen
    PY Chen

    Hahaha putting it on your shoe, under the table, and in the showers. makes me wonder what you're gonna do with it man.. Anyway this is a great video, i'm actually tempted to get 1 now as i'm planning to do a timelapse around Singapore to show the world how Singapore is like. ;)

  • Jason Z.
    Jason Z.

    Love it! But sooooo expensive... that insta camera...



  • Dimitris Liaropoulos
    Dimitris Liaropoulos

    I genuinely believe that Mrwhosetheboss is the best review channel in the world! So much meaningful details about the product, so much professionalism, so true and honest words.... It just makes you want to keep watching everything that this guy is reviewing! I guess one sub to the channel would be...... the least you can do to thank this man for being who he is!

  • Muddy Skull234
    Muddy Skull234

    Whats the battery life?

  • Katherinearden

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  • Swissmeat

    the fact you didn't say a single word about it's battery life tells me a lot 🙄

  • Kazi Zarzis
    Kazi Zarzis

    I always look for those tiny written 'that's what she said' thing:3

  • Sunshine “Gullible” Troublemaker
    Sunshine “Gullible” Troublemaker

    Guess what this would be perfect for. Pom

  • BS Aimbot
    BS Aimbot

    We need to show this to Milad ( the subway god) xD

  • Rahul Bairagi
    Rahul Bairagi

    This is my Go 2 channel for entertainment and educational and tech videos.

  • michael kerr
    michael kerr

    A true English voice yet he uses dollars and I was waiting for the price to be around 5 to £600 I’m buying it you sold it thank you

  • Mr. Cheeseッ
    Mr. Cheeseッ

    4:42 lol

  • Brandon Frazier
    Brandon Frazier

    Lololol i guess they said you can't talk about it's crappy stand alone record time limit.

  • liyans1

    Pivot. Pivot. PIVOOOOOTTT!

  • Scrappy Academy
    Scrappy Academy

    I am a new subscriber who loves your videos but you broke my trust with this one. I almost purchased this camera. While it was in my shopping cart, I decided to watch another review from a much smaller (non-sponsored youtuber). You clearly do not mention 2 major factors that pretty much invalidate lots of great things about this camera. It has a 30-minute battery (when not in case) and only 30 minutes of storage when in the pro mode....with no way to add more. Your #1 thing you love most about it is the pro mode! Which btw is the only way to get it not to be shaky. How can I use any of its features when I have to not only charge it every 30 minutes but plug it into my laptop to offload the footage? Those things very much matter to me and you are clearly omitting them from this review. -1 on trust. Do it again and Im gone. No disrespect. Just facts.

  • Voltz Official
    Voltz Official

    This is really a dream come true camera for Extreme sports bloggers. Or someone like me who wants “cool” shot?

  • Dizee YT
    Dizee YT

    You know what I just realized he made videos about allots of other devices yet I haven’t seen a vid of his set up for recording

  • Julian Beck
    Julian Beck

    How long does a single charge last since you can recharge it 3 times with the case

  • GD Singh
    GD Singh

    What about it's storage and battery life on a single charge?

  • Hello World
    Hello World

    Sorry too bad image quality..useless images

  • Fredster Dexter
    Fredster Dexter

    1:11 light is taking notes

  • Vijay Vinayak
    Vijay Vinayak

    But...... #Insta360 ever care about Android users???🙄

  • BawlzOfuzz

    "you can stick it anywhere" The Internet: challenge accepted!

  • Æ uber has wifi Æ
    Æ uber has wifi Æ

    1:12 he said crisp this man is a true British boi

  • Two Sinister
    Two Sinister

    1:11 A fan of death note you are hmmm?

  • Irfan Comot
    Irfan Comot

    im completely sold! now i just need money

  • Laura Todd
    Laura Todd

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  • josh mengual
    josh mengual

    My iphone does the same... Just because is smaller is better? bro... nrly all of us have 3 or 4 cameras on our phones xd with AI editors or manual editors...

  • Sandeep Rai Photography (Sandeep Rai Photography)
    Sandeep Rai Photography (Sandeep Rai Photography)

    How strong is the magnet on the necklace? Thinking it will fall off while walking and I wouldn’t notice.

  • Darytcy Costa
    Darytcy Costa

    i took a full minute to laugh at the that’s what she said joke JAJSJDJDJD

  • TheTrueHasenfeffer

    I want this.

  • King Nano
    King Nano

    Coming back to this, I still cant justify the price. $300 for something that is so small. I get the competition with Gopro, but it seems way overpriced

  • jonteozzy

    1:10 You took that potatochip and ATE IT

  • Borna Vurnek
    Borna Vurnek


  • Lil Chandy
    Lil Chandy

    4:43 🤣

  • Knox Brown
    Knox Brown

    These insta 360 go 2s are popular so much I even have one ,I’m subscribed

  • Other DD
    Other DD

    1:43 POV: you're that one fly that got stuck in Arun's shoes

  • Ofeliadsj Singletonilng
    Ofeliadsj Singletonilng

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  • Cosmin

    Great camera, but if they sponsored the video, would they offer a discount?

  • Bob De Vylder
    Bob De Vylder

    introducing the new stalking camera ;)

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee

    Nice. I love this product, and also your reviews on it. Definitely would buy this when I've got the budget.

  • benriply tankionline pro
    benriply tankionline pro

    Don’t need it but it is really cool

  • JAOquer

    When.... did we become best friends?

  • Alexander Strachan
    Alexander Strachan

    2:49 - "The magnet will decide your fate." 2:52 - "I _am_ the magnet."

  • - oh -
    - oh -

    GOD BLESS...

    • - oh -
      - oh -

      GOD BLESS.

  • MR .Surender
    MR .Surender

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  • Mathieas McNaughton
    Mathieas McNaughton

    can it be used for live streaming?

  • Touseef Sofi
    Touseef Sofi

    yt recommend ur video i recomend u to search devaraconda tollywood actor ...y ?? check it out

  • Linda S
    Linda S

    You've convinced me if I had money I would buy it

  • Charles Wolf
    Charles Wolf

    Tired of your click bait thumbnails. 🖕🏾 unsubscribing

  • Butae

    4:42 subtle as f**kkk😂

  • Mac

    Wow.... that was a good quality sponsored video.... Well done mate.. :)

  • Jerry Yeo
    Jerry Yeo

    how would you record your life without google’s free unlimited storage?

  • Pommy Ayele
    Pommy Ayele

    Pro video mode is so fun. Exporting different ratios, horizon lock stabilization, GoPro is crying right now 😅