if smartphone commercials were EXTREMELY honest.
Excited to share our latest 2021 Passionfruit smartphones with you today...
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I apologise in advance - had way TOO much fun on this one 😂 To check out episode 1: svsoft.info/award/l3q8aGZ0xNLRrGg/video.html

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      Khawaja Ahmad


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      surastsaf 13

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      Ibrahim Dawod

      @Raween Hawramylol bro 😂

    • Raween Hawramy
      Raween Hawramy

      Hey Arun can u and passion fruit make the Samsung universe 54 Ip1 water resistance 1g

    • Windows 7.7
      Windows 7.7


  • Abdur Rahaman Husain
    Abdur Rahaman Husain

    i wan it

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    shut up and take my money

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    mr worm

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    Mysterious Man


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    Shaynn Mathew

    100% unbagging experience. You're a genius

  • Shaynn Mathew
    Shaynn Mathew

    Anyone sees the call of duty logo?


    Can i Buy You

    • RZSKY

      Your phone not you

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    Aarnav Jain

    0:48 Me trying To Explain My Teacher The Math Problem I Never Studied…

  • C҉E҉R҉B҉E҉R҉U҉S҉

    @2:46 XD I laughed my a** of when you said: 120hz Super Sayan Amoled display! Oh my phucking god! You're a legend man. I don't understand why you only have 7.5 million subscribers. Should be 10 times that or more.

  • M7 MD
    M7 MD

    I'm excited for SHIT

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    Adam Perez

    6:19 Introducing... He, She, and It and Sh*t

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    levi oveis

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    Geoff's Webpages

    So hilarious! I love this video Arun!

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    Dan Nell

    It's funny asf when all see is his glasses reflection then the box or whatever hits his head then he disappears 😂

  • Cross

    Did we seriously get rickrolled like 5 or 6 times

  • GGgaming green
    GGgaming green

    "Buy me and have a feel for yourself, because we know you'll enjoy it." had me dying laughing 😂

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    Demeulenaere Sylvain

    Haha legend

  • corroded batteries
    corroded batteries

    video 1: calm, light, brezzy video 2: **arun proceeds to sniff the phone like its cocaine**

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    Andrew Mackechnie

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    Bismark Koomson

    This is the best video from mrwhoisboss

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    Eject Ph

    1:32 omg he just rick rolled us the cod logo\

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    Aleksa Kurjakov

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    1:32 rickroll

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    *Imagine if he actually starts a phone brand company*

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    Meow Meow

    this guy has the strongest integrity in the world

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    Meow Meow

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    Ibrahim Ibrahim


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    Simple and Dimple

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    Luqmaan Al Bahassan

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    Muhammed Yaseen

    No lie I came here again just to see this living legend!

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    Guy Sandler

    YES! More iphoneys!

  • super gamer
    super gamer

    Here at passionfruit our passion is to make as much money as possible

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    Lmao intro😂

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    *Drops McDonald's bag* Do we need to show you anything else? 😂

  • Ny1ka

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    A Axolotl

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    A Axolotl

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    Rohan Komakula

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    Passionfruit is better than Apple


    hey. i would love to buy the no box+no phone version. best ecologic desition ever! ^^ do you take "no money"?


    i think he is not steve jobs he is steve NUMBER 1 SCAMMER AND NO SCREEN FONE MASSS BURGER BIG MAC SHIT BOSS

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    mubits shaban

    this a rip off of rob lopez.. not cool man

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    Maung Denis

    I found a ad of him it was called drop something

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      Maung Denis

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    Thiyakesh Senthil Sukumar

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    6 D C X

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    Clxxdy RBMN

    I think these phones are made out of chocolate 🍫 So dats why he is smelling them too much 😂😂😂

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    Can't wait for his Review of the Formfluid Cis Phone.

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    Jack Towler26

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    R. Lutgens

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    Farhan is Fearless

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  • Fearless

    Hi mrwhoestheboss... I need a little help from you... I am preparing for UPSC exam.. and I am in a utter need of an ipad for this... I know this is not a way to ask favour ...but I am completely helpless and want to study, but I am unable to since it requires a lot of investment and I belong to a middle class family and they think such things are not necessary for studies but they don't understand how much it would help me... I promise you I will repay every penny once I become an IAS... you may not even see this comment but I just wanted to try it out anyways... iPad will make me take notes and store them very easily so that I can revise it whenever I can it will make my online learning experience pretty good... If you have any ipad that you don't use please giveit away to me... I will be forever greatful and will definitely return the money back.🙏

  • Zifo

    Damn.... Ghost is vibing with Rick Astley in 1:32

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    Yasin Arafat 13


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    The Kool Kreators

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