Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?
Let's talk about Money, Earnings, and Paid Videos on SVsoft.
Why nobody buys LG phones:
MKBHD's video about trust:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I couldn't find a really in depth video about this topic, so I decided to make one myself - hope it helps clear up sponsored videos on SVsoft! 👊 For my last video about why nobody buys LG Smartphones:

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      GOD BLESS.....

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      Coincidentally I ordered from Huel for the first time today based on your reviews. I was reluctant at first because I don't like drinks with powdery textures, so I tend to steer clear of powdered drinks. But your reviews seem genuine and so I'm giving them a try. I hope they end up being good value for money because I really need to stop snacking throughout the day.

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      Filmak studio

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    mrwhoosetheboss: trust me! also mrwhoosetheboss: **rick rolls us**

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    Can anyone tell me .. what is spidery looking gadget that is kept on right hand side

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    Love your content best I've ever seen

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    Genius 4Life

    Mryourtheboss can you please make a review about the Samsung galaxy active 2.

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    Your awesome!!!


    I love to see that you genuinely care about us!

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    Much respect. Great morals my friend. Keep true to yourself as always.

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    Thanks for making this honest real video!

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    I noticed you laugh graciously and worm hardheartedly. Then I knew, you say the truth. Keep it up!

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    You have my trust. Period.

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    Very clear explanation of how the business works. It could definitely be a model for other creators to let their subs understand the whole process.

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    Mrwhosestheboss is op

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    this guy could talk about trash and i still would watch it xd

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    Hey. I like your shirt

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    Bro, you are are easily making six figures (maybe close to 7 figures given your views and subs) or more per year. You are doing okay. No need to sell us on watching ads and supporting the creators lol. Don't take what I said the wrong way though, I respect you for sticking to your principles.

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    Adrian LeDeaux

    I learned a lot about how you SVsoft. Maybe I will use some of these methods too. Glad you posted this, it was very informative and it was also a great video!

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    I love your background and you are very easy to watch In fact because I'm a subscriber, I always check on your channel sometimes and when you have not made a video for a while I think omg I hope your alright I do that with my other SVsoftrs that I'm subscribed too. Love your videos

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    RESPECT 100+

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    I had to chose between s21 and mi 11 , after i've seen your review on mi 11 i chose mi 11 , was the best chose of my life , thank you !

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    Arun's videos are always a pleasure to watch. Informative, while still entertaining.

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    4:03 his eyes lol

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    guys, you cant trust him! he's paying himself to sponsor himself!


    Mr Who IsThe Boos

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    …. What did the VPN service taste like?

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    God damn Jamaican Government changed their currency making it less valuable.

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    Your title says ,,Can you actually trust Mrwhosetheboss" it's more like how to be a better youtuber, and also great video😀

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    random Dude

    5:29: I personaly think, if those point have some type of value for me as the audience, they have a reason to be put in that position by the youtuber, like for example: launchday, price, reviews as it already has been released and like the way it works (ie: does it need wifi, Bluetooth or both to work)

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    straight to the point and informative, i like your style

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    Nicely explained.

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    how are you not the biggest tech channel on SVsoft.

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    You're close to the only youtuber who said this

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    Prince Ecstar

    That Jamaica revenue is dead accurate. I live in Jamaica and have a friend who did youtube and had about 50k subs or more and had and average view count of north of 150k and they hated youtubes way of paying them because he was always broke and that's sad

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    Dishan Govender

    A really legit person and a SVsoftr that I will always watch. I feel like I'm in a safe place when watching this guy😉😉😉😉

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    me being from jamaica

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    honestly, the most truthful and open minded youtuber right here

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    This video was sponsored by both huel and surfshark vpn!😂 **just joking**

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    This is why i love mrwhosetheboss❤️

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    6:50 ~> 7:15 respect man respect

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      * 7:30

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    Gaming With Farhan BD

    This video just made us see the truth about SVsoftrs like you and I love your videos I hope you get 10mil subs and your videos just make us enjoy alot 🙂

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    He showed so much xiaomi i though it was sponsered by themxD

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    Electro games 2

    Plot twist: He was sponsored by himself to say these things

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    I mainly use Brave but I use Chrome browser without ad-blocking only to watch your content. Watching those ads is a small way of supporting a great content creator like you! Thank you!

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    Bro 6:47-6:56 is inspiring and im looking to by the iPhone 12 mini 256 GB would I go with Samsung or apple????

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    ....and this is why you are probably one of THE best phone reviewers on SVsoft. Keep it up.

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    I think companies should send review phones out months before release and give the creator enough time to critique the phone and could make the phone better just by making the reviews that usually would slightly hurt sales

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    I love your channel and your videos… but just one question, how is Huel relevant to tech and the channel? You mention about relevance saying you won’t promote energy drinks etc but then you are being sponsored by Huel and doing just that

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    Hi mrwhoestheboss... I need a little help from you... I am preparing for UPSC exam.. and I am in a utter need of an ipad for this... I know this is not a way to ask favour ...but I am completely helpless and want to study, but I am unable to since it requires a lot of investment and I belong to a middle class family and they think such things are not necessary for studies but they don't understand how much it would help me... I promise you I will repay every penny once I become an IAS... you may not even see this comment but I just wanted to try it out anyways... iPad will make me take notes and store them very easily so that I can revise it whenever I can it will make my online learning experience pretty good... If you have any ipad that you don't use please giveit away to me... I will be forever greatful and will definitely return the money back.🙏

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